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Address Work
State & Zip
Please Send Results:My E-mail Address
Please list your favorite Body of Water, and three adjectives that best describe the presence. Example adjectives to describe how you feel or view your favorite body of water: endless, alluring, fascinating
Profile Exercise Authorization: Please select.
What is your favorite season of the year.
I am curious about 01
:I am curious about:What others may think about me?
Being misunderstood
:People who misunderstand me, find me to be.
Personality Review O2
:I'm more romantic than most people I know.
Personality Review 04
I set ambitious goals for myself, and I work hard to achieve them.
What concerns me in life.04B
Has more to do with:
Image Personality Review Situations, Thought and Truth:05
: I like situations that require thought and sincerity.
Personality Review Tell the truth08
:Overall, I think that people tell the truth.
Personality Profile Type 12
:Please select the personality type that you think best describes you...
Personality Review 11
:My attractiveness to other people is very important to me.
Personality Review Explain Your Social Life:13
:What best explains my Social Life:
My opinion 14A
:If I have an opinion I am likely to:
Having Fun 14
:I know how to have fun.
15 In what area in your life would you most like this image creation to, Help or make a change
15B Please check what you want people to know most about you.
16 If god appeared and offered you just one of the following, which would you choose:
What would it be worth to you
in a lifetime to make significant progress towards achieving your goals.
Define your commitment to supporting this process.
Please list and describe, your favorite vacation location, city, and the best attraction, etc.
Please write in a few words anything you were not able to list or explain above. Explain anything you want here
Please write down what you think the world needs most.
Please list your favorite color and three adjectives that best describe your favorite color. Please List your color and 3 additives. Example:Purple, Bight, Fascinating, Bold.
Please list your favorite song and three adjectives that best describe your favorite song. Please List your song and 3 additives. Example: Beautiful, happy, uplifting.
Please 3 adjectives that describe your feelings about your life in general.
How would you feel if you discovered yourself present in a large open facility or room, alone.

The room is without doors or windows and has a very high dome ceiling. The space is totally quite with no distractions.
All walls and the ceiling of this room are as white as snow.
Without thought of why or how you found yourself in this space, please describe with only 3 adjectives your feelings.

Please list only the adjectives and separate them with a comma. Please list only 3 words that best describe your feelings or thoughts if you were placed in this environment.
Example: List 3 Additives: Peaceful, Quiet, Interesting, Example 2 Freighting, Angry, Resign
Please enjoy this image development process.

Please list your favorite Animal, and three adjectives that best describe your favorite animal. Example:Kangaroo, Unique, Wild, Loving.

The art of Change & Inspiration

PurchasngForACause  Our Mission  If You Served Save !  Monthly E-newsletter  Help Us Serve You 
Order Online  ThisIsYourLifePhoto  Text to Photo Art  Mission Supporters 

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